Video – Caiman bites Electric Eel – You can guess what happens next.

This has to be one of the strangest videos I have ever seen. I do not speak Portuguese so I cannot comment on what is being said other than “Jacare”, which roughly means Alligator – yes I know it is a Caiman.  It appears maybe the Caiman was baited by … Read the rest of this post


Crazy Predator Tank Reveal on Tanked Video – Alligators, Stingrays and Sharks

So this is probably the coolest predator tank the guys on Tanked have done to date. It’s got both fresh and saltwater tanks plus a combo of serious terrors. It’s not nearly big enough to hold them all for life so they’ll donate them to someone with a larger home … Read the rest of this post


TankTerrors is now on Facebook

We have made an official Facebook page for Tank Terrors, check it out by clicking here. We’d sure appreciate if you could give it a like. You can also click the F at the top of the page or in the sidebar at any time to connect to our Facebook page. We’ve also … Read the rest of this post


Alligator Bites Paul on the head on Gator Boys

This is absolutely insane, during a photo shoot for Gator Boys as Paul was attempting a trick a wild Alligator bit him. It’s not just a quick arm bite or something either, it latches onto his head like a vise. I am amazed how composed he stayed. According to the … Read the rest of this post


Creepy Video – The Short Horned Lizard can squirt blood from its eyes

The short-horned lizard is one creepy little creature. They can often be referred to as a “horned toad” or “horny toad” because its squat, flattened shape and short, blunt snout give it a sort of toad-ish look. There are currently over a dozen recognized species found in the deserts and … Read the rest of this post

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