How to test for stray voltage in an Aquarium

If you’ve ever wondered how to test for stray voltage in an aquarium, well wonder no longer. We’ve got the answers for you. All you need is a Multi-meter to do the test. Along with your Aquarium that uses electrical devices such as pumps, filters, or heaters. You can watch … Read the rest of this post

Atlantis-Bahamas Shark Tank

How to setup a Shark Aquarium

So you just got done watching “Tanked” on the Animal Planet and now you just have to have a Shark Aquarium. Well that or you’ve wanted one for a long time, you wondered how hard it actually is and searched or you just saw one for the first time and just have … Read the rest of this post

savannah monitor

DIY Savannah Monitor enclosure

This is Diablo the Savannah Monitor in the temporary 3 hour DIY enclosure we built for him. He was rescued in pretty bad conditions, an 18″ x 18″ cage. So this 4′ x 2′ enclosure is much better for the time being, it would make a fantastic grow out enclosure … Read the rest of this post

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