40g Budget Reef Tank Update – Plants, Corals, Jumpers, and more Plants

I’ve had the budget reef tank up and running now for a few months so it’s update time. To start off I will say the tank is doing pretty darn well for the simplicity of it so far. It is still running great with no sump or skimmer, which is something … Read the rest of this post


TankTerrors is now on Facebook

We have made an official Facebook page for Tank Terrors, check it out by clicking here. We’d sure appreciate if you could give it a like. You can also click the F at the top of the page or in the sidebar at any time to connect to our Facebook page. We’ve also … Read the rest of this post


My Power is out – What do I do with my Aquarium? What do I do with Reptiles?

With Hurricane Sandy making landfall last night I figured now would be a good time to write a post about what to do with your Aquariums & Reptiles during a power outage. I myself have gone through numerous power outages while keeping fish and reptiles and it isn’t a fun … Read the rest of this post


Why is my Aquarium Cloudy? Why is my Aquarium Green?

Is your Aquarium cloudy or green and you don’t know why? Well we are here to try and help you with that. It isn’t uncommon for an Aquarium to be clear one day and the next for the water to look cloudy, milky, and possibly even green. Most of the … Read the rest of this post


DIY Savannah Monitor Enclosure Setup Video

Here is a video showing our old Savannah Monitor and DIY Enclosure. We got this guy as a rescue of sorts in early 2012 and he was in really bad shape. He was in a tiny 18″ x 18″ Bird cage with mulch chippings on the bottom. He had no … Read the rest of this post

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