New Tank – Fluval Spec V 5 Gallon Freshwater

I’ve recently gotten this black trimmed Fluval Spec V 5 gallon. It is an all in one tank with the filter built into the tank and an LED light included. I put the tank in my bar since it is so compact and has nice clean lines. So far the … Read the rest of this post


Video – Caiman bites Electric Eel – You can guess what happens next.

This has to be one of the strangest videos I have ever seen. I do not speak Portuguese so I cannot comment on what is being said other than “Jacare”, which roughly means Alligator – yes I know it is a Caiman.  It appears maybe the Caiman was baited by … Read the rest of this post


Albino Stingray in the Wild – Video

Check out this rare beast, an Albino Stingray caught on video in the wild. It was filmed at Rest Point caravan park in Walpole, Western Australia by Youtube member TT. That is all the info I have in this spectacular sighting, if anyone knows what type of Ray it is, … Read the rest of this post


Bart Scott’s Epic Man Cave Saltwater Tank – Video

You might know Bart Scott from our post featuring his awesome koi pond, well the guys from Tanked were also at his place for an awesome man cave makeover. It included a massive 450 gallon Saltwater aquarium which is featured in the video above where Wayde, Brett, and the DIY Network … Read the rest of this post


60 or more people injured in a rare Piranha attack in Argentina

The unthinkable happened for many residents of Rosario, Argentina as they swam in the Parana River on Christmas Day. They were attacked by Piranha while swimming, something a lot of people have nightmares about. Unfortunately for them, it was real life. The Police were forced to temporarily close the beach … Read the rest of this post

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