Bart Scott’s Epic Man Cave Saltwater Tank – Video

You might know Bart Scott from our post featuring his awesome koi pond, well the guys from Tanked were also at his place for an awesome man cave makeover. It included a massive 450 gallon Saltwater aquarium which is featured in the video above where Wayde, Brett, and the DIY Network team reveal the Man Cave to Bart Scott himself. You can see in the video it has lots of fish including many Tangs, Clown fish, Damsels, as well at least one small Shark. There are over 150 total fish in the tank according to the video.


The massive saltwater display in Bart Scott’s newly renovated Man cave. 


  • michelle says:

    Hi can please you help?
    I have a saltwater predator tank and I have a problem I have these small white eggs on the glass as far as I can research they might be water fleas/lice maybe??
    animals: 2 lionfish,1 leopard eel, 1 wobbegong shark, 2 scorpion fish, 1 sea urchin, live rock, 2 anemones, 1 carpet anemone, 1 spotted butterfly grouper, 1 dog faced puffer, 5 starfish,1 sea apple, 1 clarks clown fish
    my tank water perfect, regular water changes, test levels perfect.

    Past deaths: In order
    1 large lion fish (full grown old age),
    1 yellow tang (clarks fish ripped swim fins off),
    1 nigal trigger (shark ate it)
    1 spotted boxfish (white spot?),
    1 clam (?)
    1 snow flake eel (shark bite or rock fell on it?)

    • TankTerrors says:

      Well that must be one huge tank, as for the deaths and eggs – it is very hard to say. I would suggest posting on the Reef Central forums. It may be possible someone can identify the eggs with some good clear photos but I probably couldn’t myself. If the water tests good then the deaths are most likely from fighting or some sort of random disease, but those are just speculations.

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