Bart Scott’s Epic Koi Pond on Tanked

I have always wanted a Koi pond, especially one with viewing windows so you can actually see the fish. They do look pretty cool from above but viewing windows just add a whole new dimension to viewing. It also adds to the cost of the pond build by a massive amount. This Koi pond built by the Tanked crew has all of the above and was built for New York Jets Linebacker, Bart Scott. I could sit and watch the fish cruise in this thing all day but somehow I don’t think Mr. Scott would appreciate me hanging out in his backyard. So I’ll just have to settle for the video posted below. Another really cool feature of this pond is the fact that fish live in both levels of the pond, usually one level is just for looks but not in this case. Enjoy the video. You can check out Bart’s 450 gallon saltwater tank by clicking here. 

Bart Scott’s Koi Pond built by the crew at Tanked.

Here is a bonus video of New York Jets Linebacker, Bart Scott along with Wayde and Brett from Acrylic Tank Manufacturing catching Koi for the pond featured above.

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