Atlantis Aquarium – Bahamas – Photo Tour

A friend of TankTerrors took a recent trip to the Atlantis Aquarium in the Bahamas and was kind of enough to share these pics with us. They feature all sorts of Saltwater fish, Rays and more.

This Stringray is massive, 7′ wide or more.

Of course they have sharks, what Aquarium is complete without them.

A good sized Reef display tank.

It is like looking into the Abyss.

These Lobsters got spared from the fancy restaurants inside the Atlantis Resort. They got a resort of their own.

A giant school of Lookdown fish, well looking down…

A group of Cow Nose Stingrays glide through the giant pool.

Some huge  Jack Crevalle swimming together.

An overview of the Amazing Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.


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