Aquarium of Niagara – Photo Tour

Welcome to the photo tour of the Aquarium of Niagara in Niagara Falls, New York. These photos are from a trip taken in 2006, so the Aquarium may be slightly different now. It is just across the border from Canada. The rates are very reasonable and parking is free. Adult entry is $10.00, Senior is $8.00 and Children are $6.00. You can take the 34 photo tour of it below, lots of different stuff to see from Sharks and Seals to Cichlids and Clown fish. We’re going to start off with the Seals and Sea Lions, Sharks are up next.

This seal was just taking a stroll.

Seal going for a cruise. He didn’t want to face the camera.

Sea Lion swimming along…

Looking down into the Sea Lion tank.

Looking into the Sea Lion tank.

Best shot I got of the Sea Lion show.

Now for the Toothy Tank Terrors, the Sharks.

Smaller Nurse Shark

Looks like a pair of Coral Cat Sharks to me. (maybe Brown Banded Bamboo?) If you know for sure leave a comment – As pointed out in the comments these are Chain Catsharks- Thanks.

Replica Great White Shark mount

This little shark was really cool. I believe it to be a Brown Banded Bamboo Shark or Coral Cat Shark. As pointed out in the comments these are White Spotted Bamboo Sharks. -Thanks

Clown fish display.

Lionfish exhibit

Lionfish pair hanging out

This crab was chilling in the tidal pool display.

This crab was covered in moss. I am gonna say he has been around a while.

Moray Eel lurking down low.

Stringray climbing the wall.

The jaws of various shark species.

Huge Sawfish Rostrum.

Blind Cave Tetra exhibit.

Electric Eel, this guy lives alone obviously.

Huge Red Bellied Piranha, this guy was missing an eye.

Big Largemouth Bass lurking in the back of a display

Strurgeon cruising along…

Brook Trout exhibit

Huge Arowana, sorry for the blur. The camera wasn’t the best.

Penguins saying hello.

Mr. Penguin up close and personal.

Cichlid display tank

and the last tank is an African cichlid display.

If you stuck around this long here are some more cool shots to check out.

This is the view just down the street from Aquarium of Niagara.  Looking at Canada from the US border. That bridge is how you cross the border.

Finally, here is Niagara Falls in all her glory. This shot was taken from the Canadian side, looking over at the US.


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