Fish of the Amazon River – Arapaima Gigas, Pacu, Arowana & More

The Amazon River is one of the most amazing and diverse places on the planet. Every year the forest floods as the rains come and the Amazon River rises many feet, causing many animals to take refuge in the trees. These photos show how the fish take advantage of the flooded forest. They gain tons of cover and refuge due to all the submerged branches and trees. The bugs are forced to swim from tree to tree, searching for dry land. The fish take full advantage of this, especially the Silver Arowana (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum).

Here you can see a Silver Arowana (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum) sizing up a Grasshopper that is taking refuge on a floating leaf. It was only moments later that the Arowana sucked the Grasshopper into it’s mouth.

Here is another Silver Arowana honing in on it’s prey, once again it’s a Grasshopper that will be the snack of choice.

Here is an underwater view of the Silver Arowana just after taking down the tasty Grasshopper. They glide gracefully through the flooded forest, always looking up for the next meal.

Here you can see a South American Wolf Fish gulping air at the surface.

A group of Angelfish take cover in the sunken forest.

Believe it or not these are the teeth of a Silver Dollar (Metynnis argenteus), a cousin of the Pacu and Piranha. Many people believe these to be Herbivores but they are both actually Omnivorous, just like the Pacu which is also often called a Herbivore.

The Black Pacu or Tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum) takes a nut off the surface of the water. They have extremely powerful human like teeth capable of crushing the nuts open. It is also known by other names such as Black-finned pacu, Giant pacu, Cachama and Gamitana.

Here you can see the Black Pacu carrying his treat underwater. It will crush the exterior shell of the nut using only its mouth, don’t try that at home, just stick to a pair of nut crackers.

This photo was taken just before this Arapaima Gigas broke the surface of the water to gulp in some air. Even in water with low oxygen levels the Arapaima can thrive due its ability to gulp in air from the surface.

And lastly we see the giant Arapaima Gigas heading into the abyss of flooded forest.


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