75 Gallon Planted Aquarium – Show Tank


This is the one of nicest tanks I’ve kept to date even though it was sold long ago. It was a 75g Glass Aquarium with black trim on a black stand. It had a Coralife 240w light and a solid black backround along with black Eco Complete substrate. This alone gives it a sort of show tank look. I also had lots of live plants and that really gives it a natural look as the plants sway with the current. The 75g tank measures 4′ long by 1.5′ deep, which is a really nice footprint.

For filtration on this tank I used Rena Filstar XP1, XP2, and XP3 filters. I changed them out a few times but they were all used at some point. I also used a Penguin 550 powerhead. The heater was an inline 300w Hydor ETH heater. I also used some in tank Marineland Stealths as well, so you may see either in the photos.  I had some Mopani driftwood in this tank to provide hiding places for the fish along with some various stones.

Here it was with some plants but a good amount of open space.

This is with a really dense amount of greenery, it really looks great like this. The giant 240 watt Coralife light really comes into play here. Without it the plants wouldn’t grow so much. The bulbs were 6,500k and 10,000k bulbs. 2 of each. I also used some other bulbs but this combo was the best I thought for aesthetic and functional purposes.

The common pleco is hanging out on the glass.

Here is a smaller Senegal Bichir. Polypterus Senegalus.

Another great shot of a Common Plecostomus hiding in the plants.

Again with the Common Pleco, along with some snails and stones up close.

Clown Loaches hiding as they tend to do in smaller groups. They say these eat snails, well they were outmatched in this tank. So no, Clown Loaches can not solve all snail problems. You need to feed them like any other fish even if you have snails. They did eat some though, just not all of them. This tank had so many places and crevices for snails to thrive and breed that the loaches couldn’t possibly keep up.

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