40g Budget Reef Tank Update – Plants, Corals, Jumpers, and more Plants

I’ve had the budget reef tank up and running now for a few months so it’s update time. To start off I will say the tank is doing pretty darn well for the simplicity of it so far. It is still running great with no sump or skimmer, which is something I wasn’t sure about but so far so good. The filtration is a single hang on back Aquaclear 20 filter with no media, it currently is filled with some type of green plant which came on my live rock. Well a strand of it did, now I have pounds of the stuff. It also has a powerhead in each corner for water movement. I have slightly adjusted the positions of them numerous times to avoid dead spots.

The corals are all doing well for the most part, I have one which is bleached out bad in a few spots but might make it. The rest are all doing well and a few are growing like mad. The dry base rock I added all has some nice purple coraline algae growing which looks much better than white.

I have lost a fish, the 6 line Wrasse went for a dry swim unfortunately (he jumped). The rest of the fish are well and growing like weeds. I have not seen the emerald crab in a while but there is so much plant matter on the live rock he can hide easily.

Here are some pics of the tank to check out, you can compare them to some early pics in the post here.  The plant is really out of control as you can see below, if you know what it is called please leave a comment and let me know. It is a nice green color and the inverts seem to enjoy crawling in it but it is overtaking everything. I have to constantly peel strands of it from the frags. It does keep the water quality fantastic so it can stay for now, live plants are great for this reason. I want to move the frags to a smaller tray or something so the fish and inverts can’t bother them either, they are forever being knocked over.


The unknown frag – got a name for it? Leave a comment below.


The bleached frag.


These 3 frags are doing well.


Full Tank Shot – 10/23/13


Polyps from Above


Green Star Polyps – These were getting messed with so I put them in this dark corner. Thus the flash had to be used for this pic so it looks bad. It is doing alright now though and growing slowly up the rock.


One of the coral frags closer up – this one is doing well.


Polyps and a Mushroom


Overhead Polyp Shot, mushroom also shown on right.

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