4 New River Monsters that Jeremy Wade should fish for in Season 5 of River Monsters

It may seem like Jeremy Wade has caught every monster freshwater fish out there but he has not, well not yet at least. Here is a list of four new River Monsters that Jeremy Wade hasn’t caught and should fish for in Season 5 of River Monsters.

Greenland Shark / Sleeper Shark (Somniosus microcephalus) – Can grow to 21 feet long and weigh over a ton. Normally found in seas around the Arctic Circle but has been recently been observed swimming into the Saguenay and St. Lawrence Rivers in Quebec, Canada. No reported attacks to date but the Inuit tell stories of Greenland sharks attacking kayaks and a park ranger walking over sea ice in the Gulf of St. Lawrence reports an individual stalking him as it would a seal.

Greenland Shark

Pincushion Ray / Thorny freshwater stingray (Dasyatis ukpam) – Largest freshwater stingray in Africa, can grow to 4 feet across and 10 feet long, is said to inflict “painful and even dangerous wounds”. Found mostly in the country of Gabon and in the Niger River.

Slender Giant Moray / Gangetic moray (Strophidon sathete) – Longest species of Moray eel, up to 13 feet, is known to swim up rivers from East Africa to India to Indonesia. Although no attacks have definitely been attributed to this species, given how smaller morays are able to attack people it shouldn’t be too hard to find a case of a Slender Giant Moray attacking someone in a river.

Slender Giant Moray

Mangar (Luciobarbus esocinus) – Can grow over 300 pounds and just under 7 feet. Found in Turkey, Iran and Iraq. Largest native freshwater fish in the Middle East. I remember reading on a forum that the countless dictators that used to inhabit the region fed their prisoners to Mangar as a type of execution, but the forum was shut down a while ago. Has been observed taking birds sitting on the waters surface.


This list was put together by TankTerrors reader, Simeon K. If you would like to submit something for a post feel free to send it in via the contact us link at the top of the page and we’ll post it up.


  • NPC says:

    For Season 5, Jeremy could also revisit India to give the sareng another try. There’s also the Murray Cod, a very rare fish that can grow up to 250 pounds and 6 feet (not a danger, but a fresh challenge). Some other possible suspects are burbot, Yangtze sturgeon, and the other river sharks (speartooth, Borneo, Ganges, Irrawaddy).

    • TankTerrors says:

      Lots of good suggestions. I’d like to see him catch some Monster Murray Cod myself.

      • NPC says:

        Also, there is a glacial lake in Chile that apparently hosts a freshwater cryptid called the El Cuero. It is said to resemble some sickly grotesque stingray, but reports say it aptly attacks people without provocation, and one account says it breached out of the water onto land, engulfed a baby, and slipped back into the lake. Is it a new species of stingray or catfish? Who knows?

  • Junior says:

    I’d like to see him in Indonesia :)

  • devin says:

    me too he is really cool i watch his show every sunday night and i love it. i can name more than half his fish that was shown on tv including a freshwater dolphin OMG im loving it!!!!

  • Mahtab Hossain says:

    One of the English names of Trophidon sathete is the Gangetic moray, but the country Bangladesh is not included as the native country of that fish in any website, which belongs the river Ganges. Very sad.

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