New Tank – Fluval Spec V 5 Gallon Freshwater

I’ve recently gotten this black trimmed Fluval Spec V 5 gallon. It is an all in one tank with the filter built into the tank and an LED light included. I put the tank in my bar since it is so compact and has nice clean lines. So far the … Read the rest of this post


River Monsters – Season 8 – Saltwater Monsters

Great news River Monsters fans, Jeremy Wade will be back again next year. It was announced River Monsters has been renewed for yet another season, which will premiere in spring of 2016. It’s really impressive how long the show has been going on now, it has even outlasted many prime … Read the rest of this post


River Monsters Season 6 : Episode 2 – Jungle Terminator

River Monsters Season 6 – Episode 2 – Jungle Terminator Jeremy explores more of the Amazon, targeting the Electric Eel this time. I can’t say this was the most exciting episode ever, because, it wasn’t. It was mostly focused on the story as usual but there was hardly any fishing. … Read the rest of this post


River Monsters – Season 6 : Episode 1 “Amazon Apocalypse”

River Monsters : Season 6 has officially begun after a 2 hour premiere episode. Jeremy investigates the sinking of the Sobral Santos which sinks in the Amazon with hundreds of people on board. Many passengers were gone without a trace, no one really knows what happened to all the people. … Read the rest of this post


Video – Caiman bites Electric Eel – You can guess what happens next.

This has to be one of the strangest videos I have ever seen. I do not speak Portuguese so I cannot comment on what is being said other than “Jacare”, which roughly means Alligator – yes I know it is a Caiman. ┬áIt appears maybe the Caiman was baited by … Read the rest of this post

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